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1. Connecting Investors & Start-ups

The focus of the Business Bears Club is to create an exclusive place where investors and start-ups can find each other. Today we have arrived in a society where new start-up companies are setting new benchmarks every day with great, future-oriented solutions and products. Many large investors promote start-ups by providing them with the capital they need and supporting start-ups in an advisory capacity. Only those with the Business Bears Club NFT will have access to this place.​

2. 20% of sales for Community Business​

20% of all sales will go back to the community business. Our vision is to create a place together with all holders where the future business will be built. Be it to support the projects of other holders, to create marketing and strategy concepts, different designs that bring your business through the roof or simply to get gifts for your own family. We will work hard to grow together as a team!​

3. Help Bears & Forests​

Business Bears Club connects the virtual and the real world. A major concern of our community is to protect and sustainably help the forest. Year after year, the climatic changes are becoming more and more noticeable- more in some regions of the world and less in others. Nevertheless, we all will increasingly feel it in the next years. There are also regions where bears are endangered species. Business Bears Club will work hard to help these regions so that bears can live much longer. Let’s stay for the the Bearskis!


4. VIP Party (Unique)​

What would be a better place to see all the Bearskis than in real life – at a party! The only question is a beach, hotel roof, yacht or something else like the Oktoberfest? We want to give something back to the community and would like to throw VIP parties and other events all over the world in the future. It will be a place where you can talk about future projects, coins, other business topics or just get to know each other when we all enjoy a great time and throw amazing parties together. The community will decide where the next events or parties should take place. Only Business Bears Club holders will get free access to the parties. The only thing you need to do is to show at the entrance that you own at least 1 Bearski! All others are welcome as well!​

5. VIP Holidays (Unique)

As a hard-work-around-the-clock team, we know how important breaks and vacations are to recharge the batteries. Have a cold drink and feel the sun on a beach, all after having enjoyed your food at a good restaurant. This is fulfilling to everyone and a great motivation to reach further milestones and goals in life. So we decided to send a few of our holders on vacation every year. The holders with 2+, 5+ or our VIPs with 10+ NFTs will be drawn every year. After that, the budget and the trip will be organized together with the core team. For holidays we are also planning something unique, be tuned! Enjoy your holidays!

metaverse business bears

6. Metaverse

When it comes to Metaverse, people have different opinions. Therefore, the community will decide here which way we will go. On the one hand, there is Decentraland, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Gala Games or something unique in development like Bloktopia, Everdome, Iluvium. A few more will become established. Metaverse was basically developed for games in the beginning, but you can clearly see that the first concerts, casinos, big banks, corporations and brands are already on their way to Metaverse. We will discuss this step in detail with all holders after the sellout.​

7. Passive Income

Passive income will come in many different ways. The community will have the most recent information on Crypto, Metaverse and NFT on a daily basis. In addition, trading days are carried out by professional traders and courses will be held, allowing the community to expand their knowledge in this field. In addition, the Founder Team is in clarification regarding NFT stacking, which has been successfully carried out in only 1-2 projects so far. The benefit is examined in detail here. Our main focus will be to get the right information, to expand our knowledge and to be better prepared for whatever the future brings. Knowledge is everything!​

8. Real Life Goodie

There are two types of people. Those who love to give and those who love to receive gifts. We want to take people back to their youngest days when we all were happy about gifts. We will select up to 10 BBC Holders each year to receive mystery boxes from Core-Team. In these boxes you can find VR glasses, tablets, Swiss watches with the B.B.C logo and much more. Let’s be curious and travel back together to the time when we were children.




Design, Operations & Technology​



Marketing & Communication



Community & Event



Market Analyst & Crypto Specialist



Rendering,  Randomization & Video


Structure & 3D Modeling


Texturing & Design


3D Modelling & Design


3D Modelling & Design


3D Modelling & Design


3D Clothing


3D Modelling


Animator & Video Designer


Grooming & Rigging Artist


Roadmap Designer



Frontend Design


Frontend developer


IT Advisor


Smart Contract & Backend developer


Business Bears Club mission is to create an exclusive place where future business models, important decisions, and partnerships will be defined. It will be a place where Investors and Startups can meet, where Holders will get 20% of sales to build their own business, and it will be a club that helps Bears and Forest in critical regions around the world.​

Business Bears Club collection features 10’000 NFTs made in 3D. Ten artists worked round-the-clock for three months to take a benchmark market for NFTs to a whole new level. Each Bear is created in 4k resolution with over 500 high-quality traits.​

We chose the ERC-721 token.​

Yes, we do. You can find the details in the channel “how-to-whitelist” on our Discord.

Only on our Website.​

Based on extrensive volatile market, the team determined to set the mint price days before mint. Join Discord for more Information. It’s our goal to provide our community with the  benchmark ART at an affordable price.

We will announce the official mint date within the next few weeks. For more information, please join Discord.​

2 will be available for natives and 1 will be available for whitelisted members. ​

A Metamask wallet can be used to purchase an NFT. The wallet allows you to upload Ethereum and mint Bearskis.​

After you have minted a Business Bears Club NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your Metamask wallet to OpenSea.​

It will automatically be added to your Metamask wallet once it is minted on the Website.​

Join our Discord where you can ask any questions you have. All important information will be announced there. We can also be reached by email: team@business-bears-club.io​

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